1.  Simon Hadley was born 1675 in West Meath County, Ireland, and died November 17, 1756 in Southwood, Delaware.  
He married Ruth Miller Abt. 1700.  She was born 1677 in Ireland, and died December 18, 1751 in Chester County,
Pennsylvania.  He then married  Phoebe Grubb Aft. 1751.

2.  Joshua L Hadley was born March 06, 1702/03 in Kitcleagh, Ireland, and died October 21, 1772 in Orange County,
North Carolina.  He married (1) Mary Rowland July 02, 1725.   He married (2) Patience Brown 1735, daughter of
Jeremiah Brown and Mary Royal.  She was born May 25, 1712 in Nottingham, Pennsylvania, and died May 23, 1783 in
Deep River, North Carolina.

3.  Joshua. Hadley, Sr. was born May 23, 1743 in New Castle County, Delaware, and died April 08, 1816 in Chatham
County, North Carolina.  He married Ruth Lindey.  She was born March 25, 1745 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and
died July 15, 1798 in Orange County, North Carolina.

4.  Thomas Hadley was born December 10, 1763 in Orange County, North Carolina, and died October 02, 1832 in
Mooresville, Indiana.  He married Mary Newlin.  She was born August 08, 1763 in Alamance County, North Carolina, and
died August 27, 1846 in Indiana.

5.  William H. Hadley was born July 08, 1800 in Snow Camp, North Carolina, and died September 23, 1851. He married
Nancy Ann Harvey.  She was born March 07, 1801 in Orange County, North Carolina, and died June 16, 1866 in
Morgan County, Indiana.

Edwin Vincent Hadley was born August 28, 1838 in Mooresville, Indiana, and died January 02, 1883 in Chicago,
Illinois.  He married Nancy Halsey Wines August 30, 1862 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, daughter of William Wines and
Elizabeth Baker.  She was born April 04, 1840 in Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York, and died December 07, 1913 in
Ann Arbor City, Michigan.

7.  Elizabeth Jane Hadley was born July 15, 1862 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and died June 05, 1936 in Mercy Hospital,
Stark County, Ohio.  She married
Loomis Eaton Chapin October 13, 1886 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by W. H. Ryder,
Pastor, son of
Zerah Chapin and Lucy Starkweather.  He was born May 07, 1858 in Weathersfield, Illinois (now
Kewanee), and died June 18, 1915 in Aultman Hospital, Stark County, Ohio.

Elizabeth Loomis Chapin was born January 05, 1892 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio, and died June 28, 1947 in
Magnolia, Stark County, Ohio.  She married
Richard Cable Greer July 01, 1928 in Canton, Ohio at Elizabeth's home at
1353 Woodland Ave., N.W., by Rev. C. A. Portz, son of
Clarence Greer and Margaret Cable.  He was born March 08,
1892 in Magnolia, Stark County, Ohio, and died July 22, 1969 in Magnolia, Carroll County, Ohio.

David Chapin Greer was born June 15, 1934 in Aultman Hospital, Stark County, Canton, Ohio, and died March 23,
2006 in his residence, Magnolia, Ohio.  He married Nancy French November 03, 1960 in Alameda County, California,
daughter of
Charles French and Miriam Pattinson.  She was born December 04, 1941 in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio.
10. Shana Marie Greer