Elizabeth Loomis (Chapin) Greer
January 5, 1892 - June 28, 1947
Elizabeth, daughter of Loomis Eaton and Elizabeth Jane (Hadley) Chapin was born, January 5, 1892 and
died June 28, 1947. After graduation from Old Central High School, she graduated from Denison
University. Elizabeth was a school teacher for many years before marrying Richard Greer.  She taught at
Woodland Elementary School and lived with her mother at 224 13th Street until the time of her marriage
to Richard in 1928 at the age of 36.

After her marriage to Richard she became one of the leading residents. She was an active member of  
Trinity Lutheran Church, a teacher in the junior department of the Sunday School and an officer of
Sandy Valley Woman's Club.
Memories from a son:

My father tells me Elizabeth was an acceptional mother and often found herself
being exasperated by his antics. She always dressed in stylish clothing and wore
big bonnets. Raising the boys also tested her elegant style.

He was always getting into mischief and would often find himself caught! In one
incident, their driveway was being asphalted and he went out in his bare feet and
let the asphault squish between his toes. His mother picked him up and carried him
into the house and into the tub, clothes and all as she was saying "David, it will be
a cold day in H*** when you play outside again!"

He was 13 when she passed away from cancer, on a cold and rainy day.