Loomis Eaton Chapin married Elizabeth Jane Hadley in
Ann Arbor, Michigan by W. H. Ryder, Pastor on October 13, 1886
Loomis Eaton Chapin was born May 07, 1858 in Weathersfield, Illinois (now Kewanee), and died
June 18, 1915 in Aultman Hospital, Stark County, Ohio.  He married Elizabeth Jane Hadley October
13, 1886 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by W. H. Ryder, Pastor, daughter of Edwin and Nancy Halsey
Wines Hadley.  She was born July 15, 1862 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and died June 05, 1936 in Mercy
Hospital, Stark County, Ohio.

Loomis and Elizabeth had three children:

Robert H. Chapin born July 09, 1887 in Lucas County, Toledo, Ohio died 1945, married
Katherine B. Frank

Persis L. Chapin born August 03, 1889 in Toledo, Ohio died 1963, married George H. Thomas

Elizabeth Loomis Chapin born January 05, 1892 in Canton, Stark County, Ohio died June 28,
1947 in Magnolia, Stark County, Ohio, married
Richard Cable Greer born March 08, 1892 in
Magnolia, Stark County, Ohio died July 22, 1969 in Magnolia, Carroll County, Ohio