David Chapin Greer was born June 15, 1934 in Aultman Hospital, Stark County, Canton, Ohio, and died March 23, 2006 in
his residence, Magnolia, Ohio.  He married Nancy French November 03, 1960 in Alameda County, California, daughter of
Charles French and Miriam Pattinson.

David and Nancy had the following children:
I. Shawn D. married Deanna R.., September 5, 1984 in North Canton, Ohio; daugher. Married Cathleen A., June 15, 2002 in
Holgate, Ohio, daughter, son

II. Elizabeth L. married Keith A., December 28, 2002 in Keywest, Florida; daughter, son

III. Shana M. -  Robert E.,: Son, Erik Chapin Greer

IV. Erik C. married Kathleen R., June 12, 1994 in Canton, Ohio; two daughters
Since my family is still living and information is private, I thought I would dedicate this page to our family dog, Jessie.

Jessie was not your ordinary German Shepard. She WAS a member of our family, as any of us were. She was the
most faithful dog and so good with us as children. She would 'kitty sit' our cat's kittens while it would go out and
wonder the countryside, AND there are pictures to prove this, I will have to dig them out. She was loved by so many
that came to the house. The milkman would race her from the bottom of the drive to the house and at the top of the
drive, she was rewarded with a popsicle of a different kind each week he came. (We all know how dogs are with
milkmen and postmen-she changed that stereotype)

As my mother tells me. When I was a toddler, I had to wear braces on my legs to straighten them. One night while
playing on the floor, I kneed Jessie while trying to climb over her. Jessie grabbed my leg in her mouth and moved
me off of her. My mother jumped up to view the damage, thinking surely that tight of a grip would have left puncture
wounds where my leg had been clenched in her mouth. She found only slobber.

As evident in the photo, she was included in family portraits and even more, she had her very own portrait made.
(Can't tell how proud she was, can you?).

She lived to be 14 and gave all of us such wonderful memories that even today, there have been several who have
named their own pets Jessie.
David Chapin Greer married Nancy French
November 3, 1960
Alameda County, California