Richard Cable Greer
Richard was born in Magnolia, Ohio,  attended Howe Military Academy in Indiana and
graduated from Cleveland East Tech High School and the University of Pittsburgh.

A veteran of World War I, he was a member of the Sandy Valley Post of the American
Legion at Waynesburg.  He also was a member of Magnolia Lions Club and Magnolia
Trinity Lutheran Church were he has sung in the choir for 60 years.  In his early days he
played sandlot baseball and continued to play for 33 years.

Richard was a kind and generous man who found good in all people. He once gave a
stranger $100 for a trip to New York. The man returned years later to repay him and
thank him for his generosity. Richard's generosity allowed him to travel to New York and
lead him to becoming a president of a bank in New York. (it is possible that the man was
the president of Chase Manhatten Bank, my father, David, believes it to be)

Richard married Elizabeth Loomis Chapin July 1, 1928. They had three children, Margaret
Jane, John Richard, and
David Chapin.

After the death of Elizabeth, he married Leota Brainerd Clarke of Michigan, February 2,

At the time of his death he was President of the Bank of Magnolia.  He was 77.

The following was found on

Ohio Military Men 1917-1918

Among the bloodiest and largest armed conflicts in the modern age, World War One,
although primarily a European war, involved United States military units from 1917 to
1918. This database is a massive collection of military records for men who served in the
war from Ohio. Originally compiled in 1926, it provides the names for men who served in
the army, navy, and marines. In addition to providing the individual's name, it reveals city
of residence, unit of service, birth date or age, and other helpful facts. It also contains the
location and date of enlistment and discharge information. The names of over 263,000
men are included in the collection. For researchers of Ohio ancestors who may have
served in the "Great War," this can be an informative database.
Full record:
Name: Richard C. Greer
Serial Number: 2nd Lieutenant
Race: W
Residence: Magnolia, O.
Enlistment Division: National Army
Enlistment Location: Washington Barracks, D. C.
Enlistment Date: 19 Oct 1917
Birth Place: Magnolia, O.
Birth Date / Age: 25 5/12 Years
Assigns Comment: Ordnance Department to Discharge Sergeant 4 Feb 1918. Honorable
discharge 21 July 1918 to accept Commission 2 Lieutenant Orders 22 July 1918 from
National Army Ordnance Department to Discharge Aberdeen Medical Department
Honorable discharge 9 July 1919.
Volume #: 7