Philip was born in about 1710. Philip and his wife Maria fled from the Palatinate, County of Wittgenstein, Germany during
the great persecutions following the treaties of Westphalia.

This period of time from 1700 to 1750 was much unsettled in Government and religion of Western Europe from which many
migrated to the freedom of America. That part of Germany West of the Rhine River, then known as Palatinates was especially
disturbed because of rival claims and possessions by Germany and France. Protestants were persecuted and exiled. At this time
many Cable (Cobell) families migrated from Wuertenberg and Western Europe to the colonies of America. Amsterdam and
Baltimore were the easy ports of exit and entry.

Philip and his wife, Maria, arrived in America on September 11, 1732 on the ship,
Pennsylvania Merchant, Master John
Stedman, and settled in Germantown, in 1732. Philip and Maria on arriving at Germantown soon were attracted to the
Brethren in the Germantown Church. In 1735, Philip and Maria were attracted to Conrad Beissel and his preaching. They
soon affiliated themselves with the Beissel movement and moved near Ephrata after Beissel began his work there.  He took an
Oath of Allegiance and and Oath of Abjuration.

Philip was educated at Ephrata Cloister, Warrington Twp, York County, PA.
He was a prominent person in Somerset County. He was buried on the Austin Ringler farm near the Stony Creek Church.
Phillip resided on the Austin Ringler farm.

Philip and Maria had four childen~

Barbara Cable b: 1727 in Switzerland married Philip Beisel

Abraham Cable, Esq. b: 1729 in Switzerland d: Abt. 1805 in Somerset Co., PA married Mary V. Magdalene b: Abt. 1731 d:
Abt. 1805

Jacob Cable b: 1733 married Salome Neal

Benjamin Cable b: 1735 D: 1798 Milford Twp., York Co., Pa (Now Somerset Co.) Married Mary unknown.

His will was probated in January 29, 1780 in York County, PA. and probated on March 28, 1780. [Will book # E, Page 78]  
He died 1780 in York County, Pennsylvania. (Manahan or Warrington Twp)

NOTE: His name may also have been spelled Kebell or Kabell. His first name, German spelling, Filbs. Alternate family name
spellings are: Cabell, Cabel, Kable, Kebell, Koobel.
Philip Cable married Maria Brady