Private Robert L. Thorn 1894 - 1918
US Army
Co. E., 166th Regiment, 42nd Division, Ohio
Robert pictured on right
Robert's last letter home to brother Hillis
Robert L. Thorn
Plot B Row 2 Grave 4

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial
Seringes-et- Nesles, France
May 26, 1918

Dear Brother,

I rec'd your letter today and it sure was good to
get a letter from you as it has been a long time
since I heard from you. I am still in good health
and looking as good as ever. This is the last day
we can write while located in this town so I am
going to write Kathryn this afternoon. By the way
Hillis tell Dutch Stauffer and the rest of the
fellows to write to me and tell Chrissie Davidson
I am going to write to her one of these days. Well
kid I have seen quite a lot of France but I didn't
see it in the right way. (illegible) hiking and you
know me wouldn't take much interest in the
country then. I am glad you are taking care of
Grandmother and hope she is in good health.
Tell Howard I am going to write to him one of
these days. I suppose they have started to build
the Press House up again. We sure did spend
many a long night in that place. I am send ---
(Revlilles?) and show it to Johnny Scholl. Well
kid this is all at present. Give my love to
With love to all and yourself

Robert Thorn
Co. E. 166 Inf A.E.F
via New York
Photos used with permission
Robert was wounded in action during the 2nd Battle of the Marne and died July 29, 1918