Transcribed from The Canton Repository
January 16, 1945 front page
9 Suffer Burns in Blast at Barium Steel Plant

Nine Barium Steel Corp. officials and employees were burned, none of them seriously, in an explosion and fire
at the plant on Allen Ave SE a few minutes before noon today.

The blast occurred while a foundry crew was pouring 35 tons of steel into a sand mold, officials said.

Officials said the sand had been heated with gas for several days to remove moisture in preparation for the
casting, but apparently the sand was still damp.

Molten steel showered 20 feet into the air, burning workers and several company officials who were present
to watch the pouring of the special steel.

The hot steel inginited an old wood section of roofing on the corrugated metal building and the fire spread
along the roof for nearly 150 feet as firemen from seven companies battled the flames.

The blast took place in the open hearth section of the building which was rebuilt after the Barium buildings
were damaged by the August, 1943 tornado

Dr. Frank Van Dyke, who treated the injured at Aultman Hospital, said none was seriously injured, but that
some of the men had suffered extensive burns.

Those rushed to the hospital in four ambulances were:
Glenn W. Shetler, vice president in charge of production
William Bradford, open hearth superintendent
Robert Chapin, Chief Engineer
Henry Orkweiscewski, foreman
John Yelichek, bricklayer
Richard Meyers, foundryman
Louis Andrews, foundry helper
Everett Mann, Ladleman

J.P. Fleming, general manager of the plant, was among those who suffered less serious burns and was not
taken to the hospital.

Several others suffered slight burns, but ignored them to help move automobiles parked at the side of the

Fire Chief George E. Jacob ordered all but one city fire company to the scene, leaving one outfit on stand-by
duty for protection.

Firemen still were on the scene at 1:40