David Cable married Margaret Evans
August 8, 1844
David Cable was born on May 17, 1821 on the farm where his parents Jonathan and Elizabeth Cable had settled in Pike
Township, Ohio. At this time the neighborhood was set about a wilderness with few neighbors living in clearings widely
scattered in the primeval forest. Here the family civilization arose to subdue the forest with its bountiful supplies of
fertile soil and animal wealth stored through the ages for man's use and habitation. The forest home of this pioneer
family lay in the Village of Sandyville located a little more than a mile away, was just beginning to assume the nature of a
town. A log school and church were just being built in the village to be the first educational and religious advantages of
this community founded in the vast expanse of the American wilderness. The forest round-about furnished an ample
supply of nuts, honey from hollow trees and medical herbs and roots while clear pure streams were fully stocked with
fish to supply needed meat for family use when supplemented with other wild game. Under these surroundings David
grew into a sturdy man and became a loyal son and helper in his father's home. He had learned the true lessons of toil
and nature's call to happiness amid the resources of this virgin land.

David married Margaret Evans, daughter of David Evans and Margaret Wagoner, August 8, 1844, in the home of her
parents. Margaret was born, August 16, 1826.

David and Margaret founded their home on the Western end of the land of Jonathan Cable near a spring of running
water, the life giver to the pioneer home. Here they reared the largest group of Jonathan Cable's grandchildren of whom
all gave a splendid account of life's goals. The house nestled on the Southern slope of a row of hills, overlooked the
beautiful Sandy Creek Valley.

They were thrifty farm folk who honored God in worship in the Lutheran Church of the near village which became the
community center after a few years of development. After their family had grown and married they retired to a new
home just across the county line into Tuscarawas County where they spent their reclining years in contentment.

They were both laid to rest in
Cable Cemetery just a few hundred yards South of their retirement home.

Children of David Cable and Margaret Evans:

Mary Elizabeth Cable, b. May 02, 1845; d. June 11, 1845.

Fielden Cable, b. April 17, 1846; d. May 24, 1929.

Alsaminah Cable, b. March 09, 1848; d. December 15, 1925.

Charles E. Cable, b. October 18, 1849; d. April 13, 1921; m. Mary L. Unknown; b. 1859; d. 1894.

Sidney B. Cable, b. August 11, 1851; d. April 03, 1852.

Agnes G. Cable, b. August 30, 1853; d. February 04, 1934.

Jane Cable, b. July 10, 1855; d. January 29, 1946.

Laura L. Cable, b. July 30, 1858; d. April 22, 1944.

Margaret Myrtle Cable, b. August 24, 1860, Sandyville, Tuscarawas County, Ohio; d. July 31, 1939, Magnolia, Stark
County, Ohio; m. Clarence Samuel Greer, September 07, 1882, Stark County, Ohio by Minister of the Gospel, S. S.
Smedley; b. July 08, 1852, Magnolia, Stark County, Ohio; d. March 15, 1928, Magnolia, Stark County, in his home.

James David Cable, b. March 07, 1863; d. 1941; m. Laura Laffer; b. 1869; d. 1957.

Cora C. Cable, b. February 25, 1865; m. John Summers.

Cable Family History on file at the Stark County Library, which appears to have been filed with the Library of
Research done by Mrs. Vance Wible MacGregor, 1963