Charles Henry Jenness was born June 17, 1844 in Baltimore, Maryland the third child of
James Henry Jenness and Hannah Jane Wilkinson. Charles married Jennie M. Alderman,
December 25, 1872. Jennie was born November 29, 1847, the third child of William and
Mary Alderman of Allen County, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

With the exception of a period of time living in Kansas, Charles and Jennie lived out their
lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Charles and Jennie were married 42 years at the time of his passing at the age of 79 years,
on May 24, 1924. Jennie died four years later on November 30, 1928, at the age of 81

Charles and Jennie had the following children:

Ethel Katherine Jenness
was born August 26,1875 and died 1950. Married Charles
Kendrick on January 3, 1900 in Allen County, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dayton H. Jenness was born July 13, 1878 in Salamanca, Kansas married Florence
Hall, March 05, 1902 in Allen County, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Maude Alice Jenness was born April 04, 1884 in Kansas, died July 05, 1976 in Contra
Costa County, Martinez, California married
Shirley Smith French, Sr.,
April 03, 1909 in Gary, Indiana. Shirley was born May 02, 1881 in Portage
County, Garrettsville, Ohio and died September 18, 1936 in Mahoning County,
Youngstown, Ohio
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Information contributed by Max Jenness, Dave Bash

Index to Marriage Record 1824 - 1920  Inclusive Volume II Letters F - K, County Clerk's Office Fort Wayne
Photo courtesy of David Bash
Charles Henry Jenness married Jennie M. Alderman
December 25, 1872