Charity Margaret Elson
Charity Margaret (Elson) Greer, was a native of Stark
county and a member of one of its earliest pioneer
families.  She was born in Sandy township, on the
family homestead one mile north of the village of
Waynesburg, on the 29th of January, 1828, and was one
of triplets, two of whom survived, she and her sister
Catherine E., who became the wife of Dr. T. H.
Whitacre and who is now deceased.  The two sisters
resembled each other so closely that even their intimate
friends often mistook one for the other.  They were
children of Richard Elson, who came to Stark county as
a pioneer from Virginia, where the family was
established in the pioneer days.  Mrs. Charity M. Greer
was summoned into eternal rest on the 10th of March,
1896, having held the affectionate regard of all who
came within the sphere of her influence, while she was a
devoted wife and mother.